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Sell Out ($311 0u7) A comedy that for Malaysian


Sell Out is a Malaysian muscial movie directed by Yeo Jun Han. If you think Malaysian couldn't produce a good musical movie, then you are wrong, actually I think they sing quite well, at least out of what I expected. But ... I have to say the director try to put too many things/theme inside, making the story line is weak, and the character building is vague. The director should learn not to making film that only he can understand, try to learn from recent commercial film like Wolverine or He is just not that into you, both have good story telling ability and they focus on a theme. After you have brush up your story telling skill, only you play around with your art and personal style.

All these weaknesses doesn't change the fact it is a hilarious film, there's a moment I feel intimate with it because of the jokes that only Malaysian can understand. Example the part where you can't find sales assistants in shopping centre, even if you found one, he'll answer I don't know anything, the part where when you called the bank customer service, all the stupid procedural questions is what you get, the part where everybody crazy for reality show and audience SMS to decide who win, the part where when talk about government, even near death person will silent, we Malaysian are getting too used to be silent when come to politics.

We know what is Hong Kong style of jokes, British style of jokes or even America style of jokes, but it seems that we lack of Malaysia style of jokes, I believe Sell Out is the first pioneer who did this.

None the less, I also wonder, is the 'Dreamer Eric' and 'Practical Eric' a symbolic for the director that he quit his high pay job and choose to be a poor director? There's always a time in our life that we have to choose to be dreamer or be practical isn't it?

All and all, it's still quite a funny creative with mocking dialogue's film. I especially like the songs, wish I can listen to it again.

Yes, I too think 'Dreamer Eric' and 'practical Eric' are symbols, or metaphor the director used to present the debate on dream vs reality, idealism vs pragmatism, art vs real life.
We all face that, don't we?
Interesting theme, something we all can relate to, too bad the film too often deviate from that focus for wanting to say many things about everything.
Having say that, it is original, musically it is very good

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