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5 tourists die at Thailand in 2 months


3 May 2009 - Jill St. Onge (27, female, USA Seattle) had die at Phi Phi hospital around 8am on Sunday. Her fiancee Ryan Kells send her to hospital after found out she is terribly sick in a room where they stay at Laleena Guesthouse on Phi Phi Island. Ryan mentioned most of the time she was in the room while he went out hanging around, and he can smell there is some sort of stove gas type of smell in the room, they both difficult to breath, vomiting, stomach ache, feeling weak and low blood pressure in that 2 days but Jill was more serious. So he believe her dead might relate to gas poisoning from the air-cond. Robert St. Onge (Julie's brother) said his sister's lung tissue was completely gone, and there's no explanation from the Thailand Government.

4 May 2009 - Julie Michelle Bergheim (22, female, Norway) die around 1.30am, she is staying in the same Laleena Guesthouse with Jill St. Onge. Julie and her 19 years old female travel companion both sick and having the same symptom as Jill, both send to hospital, unfortunately Julie had deceased and her friend is recovering. Autopsy report said found cyanide in her stomach.

(This is the Laleena Guesthouse where Jill and Julie stayed)

(This is the backside of Laleena Guesthouse, there is a water treatment factory nearby and rumour said the poisonous death might related with it)

A Bangkok specialist epidemiologist is already on Phil Phi, seeking to find the reason behind the mysterious fatalities.

Thailand's top forensic scientist, Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand, is expected to be involved in autopsies to determine what killed the women.

A spokeswoman at Vachira Hospital on Phuket confirmed the bodies of two women had been received from Phi Phi and sent on to Bangkok for forensic tests.

Thailand currently focus on investigating the possibility of food poisoning, however William Hurley (USA Washington, poison expert) says usually death from food poisoning are cause by dehydrate, both victims doesn't have this symptom. He conclude the 2 victims seems pretty much die of gas poisoning. This is match with what Jill's brother's had conclude as well.

Early of April 2009 - A 48 years old male Norwegian die of serious diarrhea, the place he live just 1.5km from Laleena Guesthouse.

May 7 2009 - A 30 years old female Swiss found dead on Krabi beach, her neck was entangle with her own handbag's sling.

May 12 2009 -Ernst Hermannweid (57, male, German), having the same syntoms with the 2 victims (Jill and Julie), and die after severe vomitting. He had been staying at the Sky Inn Hotel in Patong. Mr Hermanweid was employed as a project manager by the M+W Zander consulting company, working in Malaysia and Singapore.

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