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Japan new idea: soft ice-cream that is melt resistant

(photo of bean dregs)

(Sing Tao Daily reported)

In a hot summer day, it's a great pleasure to have a cup of soft ice-cream. However the soft ice-cream particularly melting fast under a hot sun, causing your hands full of ice-cream, which is embarassing sometimes.

Recently, Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" (Reader's News) reported that a local "Food Research Institute of seaweed," successful innovate a soft ice-cream that is melt resists under normal temperature. To produce such "melt resistant soft ice-cream", the secret is to mix with the bean dregs. Originally the company used the bean dregs for bread and other food processing's ingredients, but one day, the company inadvertently found out that milk soft ice-cream witch added bean dregs is much difficult to melt compare with normal soft ice-cream.

At present, this mysterious soft ice-cream is introduce by the local TV network, and immediately it become popular among the locals. The company manager also said, the "melt resistant soft ice-cream" able resolve their bean dregs wastage problem, which is a win-win situation.

The ice cream is sold at ¥ 280 (about 22 Hong Kong dollars), those who are interested to travel to Japan should have a try.


For RM 11, it seems a little expensive, but I have to say it is very suitable for hot weather countries such as Malaysia. Bean dregs is actually the remaining of soy milk residue, which can use to make biscuits and other purposes.

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