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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


A few days ago I got a free ticket to watch "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" after watching it, man I can say I am glad it is free.

First of all, the whole film is full of dirty jokes, just like the American Pie. Frankly speaking, it is hard for me to laugh at such jokes anymore at this age. Soon I have discover, because this movie's target are those teenage audiences, this can explain why Megan Fox playing in it. I am just too old for this kind of movie.

I remember in the film there's a slut try to seduce Shia LaBeouf, and later he found out that she was a mechanical monster. I am sure the director did study or watch some old style Hong Kong movies before, else how possible a normal person come out with such an outdated idea?

The Decepticons intends to obtain the energy of the sun by destroy the Earth, Autobots trying hard to stop them. But I really like to ask, in the universe, there's so many sun, why must they choose the Earth's sun? And have you not thought about it? You can destroy our sun from other planets as well, not neccessary earth. Why not just say Decepticons hate the Autobots, so they come all the way to retaliate? Isn't this is much more convincing than the idea they try to steal our sun which is actually plenty in the universe? From here, we can see that the director did not care about the storyline, so long as the more visual effects, the more explosive scenes, the more beautiful boobs, and more missiles shooting.

American politics in general is divided into hawks faction and doves faction. Hawks advocated the use of force to wipe out the enemy; doves promote to be peace with other countries. United States President Barack Obama is in the doves faction. Transformers movie is talking about Obama afraid of getting into trouble, so he send a clown to stop the militarization of the fight against enemies of the transition. And when the enemy attack, Obama is the first one who escape. The film is indirectly hinting: if you does not try to eradicate the enemy, it will only end up being bullied by them at the end. Doves faction such as Obama are just another name of coward.

I do not so agree with the ideas the director Michael Bay. First of all, many enemies of the United States, are unlike the movie, evil by nature. They are all long-term accumulation of dissatisfaction and grievances before the outbreak. (Of course, it does not include a some of rogue countries.) Hillary Clinton (now U.S. Secretary of State) also said that many parts of the world before the terrorist organizations are acquired indirectly by the United States, and now they are just bite the feeder (United States). The U.S. government do have responsibility on them. They need time to gradually resolve the grievance, as well as solving the former mess left by the previous, Hillary also take the initiative visited other countries (that normally U.S will not visit) to show the current government is different from the previous.

Even if they are able to kill all the enemies, does this mean the world will be peace? As long as they never change, there will be always someone unhappy with them. An eye for an eye, will just create more resentment.

If everyone thinks the way like the director of Transformers, thinking everyone is trying to harm my home country. I certainly think we shall never achieve world's peace. A small film, sometimes can contains a lot of hidden political awareness.

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