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The International (movie) - conspiracy or fact?


Yesterday I went to watch 'The International', personally I shall categorized this movie something similar like 'Blood Diamond', it's more like an education film rather than an entertainment film. It is good to hear that Hollywood become more and more open minded and widely accept ideas that is not from the mainstream. The storyline in the film was faked, but the concept was real and still might happen in the current world.

The international bank in the film 'IBBC' was actually hinted another bank 'BCCI' (Bank of Credit & Commerce International), a banking scandal, which took place throughout the 80s and into the early 90s. This bank was believe to involved in drugs, destructive weapons, money laundry and involve with some world's famous thugs (such as Saddam Hussein), and have some connection with the Bush president. BCCI also offering financial aids to serveral world dictactors and terrorists. One of the terrorist is Osama Bin Laden.

So guys ... now get the idea? Bush family as the president of U.S. of America, was connected to Osama Bin Laden, and the one who connect them is the BCCI. BCCI is same like a mother nurture for all the terrorism. I guess by now you can get some hint how did the 911 incident happen, once the U.S. government declare war, billion of billion profit are going to the weapon dealer and bank's pockets.

In both the film and reality, some of the investigors that try to bring BCCI to justice was 'accidentally' found dead. Maybe you'll ask: "Why would a bank doing such things?". The movie already give an answer, the ultimate goal of bank is to enslave everyone thru debt, some bank enslave people, while some bank enslave countries.


so, what you are saying is... osama laden actually not really exist and is a conspiracy? :)

what I mean and many americans that believe is, 911 is an inside job, osama laden and bush family are one gang.

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