Wings Of Light
Quietly turn on the power switch the monitor slowly become brighter. In a virtual city where you find a place to rest your mind. The machine's sound making the gentle summon. Abandoned the imperfect reality of body flesh, leap out the windows of reality. Open the transparent wings and fly towards the moon. Search the perfect of a worldly paradise. Across the world till its end by following my hunches. Rode on fantasy's wind and scattered countless of light.

Death of Neda Agha-Soltan

On June 20 2009, at city of Tehran, around 6.30pm, Neda with her music teacher (Hamid Panahi) and other 2 friends were on the way to participate the protest of the outcome of the 2009 Iranian presidential election.

Unfortunately, she got shot in the chest by plain-clothes Basij paramilitaries while she stand outside of the car watching the mass protests. She die on the spot.

Her death was captured on video, later uploaded to Youtube and Facebook. Normally Youtube will immediately delete video with excessive violance such as showing how a person die. But due to this special case, Youtube decide to keep this video. Soon this incident become 'famous' among Iranian and international society. Some Iranian even called her as "Voice of Iran".

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