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Quietly turn on the power switch the monitor slowly become brighter. In a virtual city where you find a place to rest your mind. The machine's sound making the gentle summon. Abandoned the imperfect reality of body flesh, leap out the windows of reality. Open the transparent wings and fly towards the moon. Search the perfect of a worldly paradise. Across the world till its end by following my hunches. Rode on fantasy's wind and scattered countless of light.

Top 10 netbooks from


Many Malaysians still doesn't aware that Asus and Acer already become the world's top brand for netbook (mini notebook, small laptop).

Here's the ranking list from for netbooks:

1. Asus EEE PC 1000HE

2. Samsung N110

3. Acer Aspire ONE AOD150

4. Lenovo Ideapad S10

5. Samsung NC10

6. Acer Aspire ONE

7. HP Mini 2140

8. Asus N10JC

9. HP Pavilion DV2

10. HP Mini 1000

So next time when you decide to buy a netbook, don't immediately scream to others that you only trust in big brand.


Netbooks are joy and i mostly agree with your listing, besides the ones that i don´t know since they are not available in germany. If you need a more rugged "netbook" though, you have to look for industrial solutions...

omg. your new look for the template make me confuse haha!

Industrial Computer Blog: the link you show me was actually UMPC (ultra mobile personal computer), slightly different from netbook, but might be a trend in future too.

Faisal: yeah, I have change to a photo album look which is use by my chinese blog.

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