Wings Of Light
Quietly turn on the power switch the monitor slowly become brighter. In a virtual city where you find a place to rest your mind. The machine's sound making the gentle summon. Abandoned the imperfect reality of body flesh, leap out the windows of reality. Open the transparent wings and fly towards the moon. Search the perfect of a worldly paradise. Across the world till its end by following my hunches. Rode on fantasy's wind and scattered countless of light.

11 years old student Zhang YaoYin killed by her teacher Li HengYi


Two years ago, 11-year-old Zhang Yaoyin was beaten with a metal bar and thrown from her fourth-floor classroom by her history teacher. On Monday a Chinese chat forum dug up and posted a graphic news report about the incident, reigniting the debate about how such a tragedy came to pass.

The girl, from Yongzhou City, Hunan province, was brutally killed as her secondary school classmates looked on. Her 28-year-old assailant, Li Hengyi, was convicted of murder, but evaded a jail sentence because he was found to be schizophrenic. Although his parents were made to pay a 20,000 yuan medical bill (around €2,100) for the research into their son's mental condition, there was no criminal charges. Eleven-year-old Zhang Yaoyin's mother disputed the sentence, demanding to know how a "mental patient" got a job looking after children. Which is what webusers are asking after a news report originally posted on was picked by on Monday. The clip contains footage of bloodstains in the classroom where the girl was attacked, and images of her clothes, covered in flies, lying outside the school. It has provoked an emotional response online, where webusers have taken on the investigation themselves, asking whether Chinese schoolteachers are properly vetted for psychopathic tendencies. A secondary school teacher in the country says no.



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